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eric laurits is not cool. Quite to the contrary, eric is frequently reminded by his family that he is, in fact, decidedly UNcool. But just in case you’re wondering… eric has a B.A. in Music from Colby College, an M.F.A. in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory, and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from George Mason University. He’s a trained EMT, lifeguard, Wilderness First Responder, and used to grow almost everything he ate. He can balance very large objects [painting ladders] on his chin.
While he finds writing about himself in the third person rather odd, he thought you might like to know that he enjoys the following: growing and baking things, volleyball, the bari sax, strawberry shortcake, old beat-up pickups, The Redwall Series, yoga, A & J King Artisan Bakers, New England, snow, Pupatella, sunrises, hot lemonade sweetened with maple syrup, home-made swings, deceptive cadences, and nachos. Also he finds irony hilarious.
eric is available for both local and travel commissions. Currently, eric lives with his wife, emily, his daughter, Charley, and his son, Leo, in Nairobi, Kenya.